Arkansas Genomics

About us

Mission / Values

Arkansas Genomics is dedicated to raising the bar by which Forensic Laboratories around the world are judged.  We also strive to provide quality results in a timely manner.  It is our hope to build a solid working relationship with other Private Laboratories, and State / Local / City Crime Laboratories, across the nation in an attempt to help eliminate the overwhelming backlog of DNA samples currently paralyzing our court systems.  We will endeavor to continually build and maintain a strong Quality Assurance Program that supports all testing platforms, thus assuring our clients of sound, court-acceptable results while also protecting and preserving all matters of privacy which surround each and every case.



Arkansas Genomics is currently preparing for FQS-I ISO 17025 Accreditation and expects to be fully accredited and operating under both FQS-I and ASCLD-LAB Accreditation Standards.  Currently, accreditation is mandatory in only two states, and is completely voluntary in Forensic Laboratories.  As a result, the acceptability and credibility of your test results will be enhanced when performed by such an accredited agency.


Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Arkansas Genomics has a written and established Quality Assurance Program necessary for accreditation purposes, as ordered by Standard 3.1 of the DNA Advisory Board’s “Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories”.

At Arkansas Genomics, our scientists not only take great pride in their work but also in their conduct, and loyalty to the forensic profession.  We will not take short cuts to get results.  Every step of our procedures and methods has been scientifically tested and rigorously validated, to ensure consistent and reliable results.  Our protocols are well documented, based on accuracy and precision, and provide specific guidelines for obtaining quality results.  Arkansas Genomics will actively participate in both internal and external audits, so that our performance will be under regular review, thus strengthening the foundation of our field and fostering the atmosphere necessary to succeed.