Arkansas Genomics

Case File Review

At Arkansas Genomics our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the field of Forensic DNA Testing.  We offer the most extensive review in cases associated with forensic evidence ranging from homicide, rape, sexual assaults.

Our staff has a long history of experience with numerous DNA testing procedures including those prior to current Short Tandem Repeat (STR) testing. This knowledge could be helpful interpreting DNA test results using previous DNA methods in older cold case files currently being addressed.
Our staff also offers a source for an unbiased evaluation regarding the DNA testing results and conclusions. We can also offer assistance in discovery requests, trial preparation, suggested cross examination of opposing experts and review of court transcripts of expert witness testimony. Scientists at Arkansas Genomics focuses on the potential for misinterpretation of Forensic DNA evidence.

Case file reviews also include critical review that correct and appropriate protocols were followed and that all standards set forth by the DNA Advisory Board (DAB) were followed. This includes review addressing the establishment of the Chain of Command, collection, identification and preservation of evidence prior to DNA testing. This is one of the most important stages of evidence collection and if performed incorrectly or without written procedure can prevent evidence from being admitted in a court of law.

One important feature of our case file review includes a review process that focuses on the training and qualifications of the analyst performing the testing of interest, the accuracy and extent of casework notes and the selection of testing procedures for items of evidence under consideration. We confirm that necessary quality control measures and adherence to protocols were met to ensure the most probative results possible.

Our review will be presented with a clear and concise report format.  Please contact us for your case files containing forensic DNA evidence to ensure maximum potential for your trial.