Arkansas Genomics

Training Seminars

Arkansas Genomics offers its knowledge in Forensic DNA testing to a broad scope of audiences. We conduct customized training seminars in terms of length and content across a wide range of topics. Our staff has had extensive training and exposure to many different aspects of Forensic testing including screening methods, extraction of DNA and QA/QC Standards.
Our training seminars include the following topics:

Depending on your needs the length and content of our training seminars can be customized and include breakfast and refreshments at a minimum and for longer seminar including those lasting more than one lunch and afternoon refreshments are also included. Our seminars can be conducted to meet your needs regardless of size. Arkansas Genomics offers its seminars to law enforcement agencies from ten members upwards to two hundred. Our flexible schedule can meet your needs on a number of levels. Contact us today so we can obtain a better understanding of your needs and offer you a detailed list of ways we can help increase your staffs understanding of how DNA evidence can be used in a court of law.